Successful bid process

Successful bid process
On the 29th of June 2017 both Leiden and the Italian city Trieste presented their bids to organise the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF). The ESOF Supervisory Board considered both bids to be very impressive and strong. Therefore, the exceptional decision was made to award both candidates the title of ‘European City of Science’.

ESOF 2020 will be organised in Trieste, and in 2022 Leiden will be granted the opportunity to organise the prestigious convention, whilst holding the title ‘European City of Science’.

The selection of Trieste for 2020 is a result of the interconnective link the city has with Eastern Europe and Central Eastern Europe. ESOF2020 will be established as the collective connector with regards to these scientist, business networks, politics and societies. Leiden, on the other hand, as a centuries-old European science and culture city, is praised for her University. A university which is renowned for her mathematical, natural, health and social sciences. With Leiden BioScience Park, Leiden is the perfect example of the connection between the sciences and their real-world application.

Prof. Gail Cardew, chair of the ESOF Supervisory Board: ‘The great variation in traditions of Trieste and Leiden, the diversity of research, the making of business connections and the social engagement will be a great enrichment of ESOF. We are looking forward to the development of a strong and challenging programme with the organisers in both cities.’

The organisation of - and the bidding for- the convention has been a joined effort of Leiden University, the Municipality of Leiden and Leiden Marketing. Leiden’s Mayor Lenferink: ‘I am very proud of the collaboration, which once again illustrates the grand ambitions of the city and the University to let Leiden assert itself as an international Science City. The choice of the ESOF Supervisory Board for Leiden in 2022 proves that this is now broadly recognised’