Hosting the world in 2022

It has not gone unnoticed that Leiden has been awarded the title European City of Science for the year 2022. A prestigious title which also grants the right to host ESOF 2022, the tenth edition of the biggest biennial multidisciplinary science convention of Europe. On this website after the 2021 summer all information will be provided regarding the preparations and run-up to 2022. A year in which Leiden will be the stage for European knowledge and science, giving great momentum to the whole of the Netherlands. Stay tuned!

Download Playbook I & II

Intendant Lucien Geelhoed outlines Leiden 2022 in a series of Playbooks. Playbook I: narrative & framework and Playbook II: programme & playground can now be downloaded.

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Watch the replay of the live streams

In two different live streams Lucien Geelhoed, Intendant Leiden European City of Science 2022, presented the overarching narrative and outlines of the year programme 2022. Watch the recorded streams now.

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WHO KNOWS the overarching theme of Leiden 2022

The overarching theme of Leiden European City of Science 2022 was announced during a successful livestream with over 300 participants. It is: Who Knows. After all, does anyone have a monopoly on wisdom these days? Who decides what is true? And does anyone actually know what the future holds?

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Leiden International Science City

Many cities claim to be cities of science. Leiden truly is it. The concentration of talent and scientific knowledge makes for a city in which international talent and expertise have been bringing about innovations for many centuries.

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EuroScience Open Forum 2022

EuroScience Open Forum 2022 In 2022 Leiden will host the EuroScience Open Forum, the biggest multidisciplinary scientific convention of Europe. The Leiden candidacy is supported by two local champions of Leiden University, Prof. Dr Corinne Hofman and Prof. Dr Ferry Breedveld. Both are very proud of the result.

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